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Tucson Fire Department carries baby to safety to assist the U.S Forest Service and Pima County Search & Rescue in rescuing 21 adults, 3 children and an infant from the low water crossing in Sabino Canyon.



Twenty-five people, including an infant, were rescued on Friday from flooding in Sabino Canyon, north of Tucson, Ariz., in the Santa Catalina Mountains.The Tucson Fire Departments Technical Rescue Team assisted the U.S. Forest Service and Pima County Search and Rescue in rescuing the visitors from a low water crossing in Sabino Canyon Friday evening.Videos shared by the fire department show a fire trucks ladder extended over the rushing water. Crews used the ladder to reach the stranded parkgoers — 21 adults, three children and one infant — and escort them safely across. They can be seen carefully crossing the ladder like a bridge, while a first responder can be seen carrying the baby across.Coronado National Forest officials advised visitors to leave the Upper Sabino Canyon on Friday afternoon, after the National Weather Service Tucson issued a weather warning for the area. Forest officials said Marshall Gulch Creek was running above the 8-foot mark, leading to flooding.Some parts of Arizona have been drenched recently thanks to the ongoing monsoon season, which lasts through September.