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More: Bay Bridge lights officially off.



The light installation on San Franciscos Bay Bridge went dark on Sunday for the first time in ten years as fundraising efforts continue for an upgrade.
The 1.8-mile LED light installation by artist Leo Villareal, known as “The Bay Lights,” debuted on March 5, 2013, exactly 10 years before it was shut down.
A video shared by Tressa Marques shows the moment the lights officially went out.
The public art nonprofit Illuminate, which raised funds for the original work, says the current system of LEDs is “failing at a rate faster than can be repaired.” The organization says $11 million will be required to bring the lights back.
Over time, the fog, rain and wind of San Francisco Bay have taken a toll on the electronics. The new system will have to be “custom engineered to perform in the harsh environmental conditions,” Illuminate said.
“The good news: with your help, The Bay Lights by artist Leo Villareal will return more magically than ever,” Illuminate said in a fundraising announcement. The organization said $6 million has been pledged so far, and only four more $1 million pledges are needed to begin the project. The eleventh million is being crowdfunded.
The upgraded installation is set to double the number of programmable LED lights to nearly 50,000, making The Bay Lights visible around the Bay. The new version will also “seek to have the lights be safely visible to drivers on the Bay Bridge, creating a world-class nighttime public art portal into San Francisco.”