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Massachusetts Officer Finds Vietnam War-Era Rocket Launcher In Suspicious Vehicle



Sutton Police Department
A Massachusetts police officer surveilling a suspicious vehicle on Monday was shocked to discover a U.S. Army rocket launcher inside, police said.
The Sutton Police Department said Det. Alex Sinni was surveilling a man sitting in a vehicle outside a Red Roof Inn for 30 minutes on Monday when he decided to approach and engage the man.
Sinni told the Associated Press he thought it was a bit weird for the man to be sitting for so long in his parked car off to the side of the hotel away from the entrance.
While speaking with the man in the driver’s seat of the truck, later identified as Harvey Johnson Jr. of Spencer, Sinni observed items typically used in conjunction with illegal narcotics use and a small amount of crack cocaine police said. When he continued the search, he discovered an M190 U.S. Army rocket launcher.
We had to do some research on what one does once they take possession of a rocket launcher (who knew?), the police department said in a statement. Our colleagues from the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) arrived at our station [Tuesday] to meet with Det. Sinni and custody of the device was turned over to those agents.
The M190 is a training model of the M72 light anti-armor weapon, a portable launcher for 66 mm ammunition. The reloadable training variant fires a 35 mm training rocket.
The weapon entered production in 1963, and was originally used by the U.S. Army and U.S. Marines as an infantry anti-tank weapon during the Vietnam War.
Johnson was charged with possession of a Class B substance (crack cocaine) and possession/control of an incendiary device, police said.
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